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Salutations: Transformations

So the Salutations series begins with a conceit, which is that it’s a series of letters written aloud. I started from a place where I rejected the first conceit because I’ve never saved letters. I have always written something fresh for each round of this series- writing with the idea that it’s a letter, but always crafting it fresh. This time the theme was “Transformations” and I thought it would be fun to explore the idea that someone was writing a letter to their future self about a transformation.

The problem was I had too many ideas and I wanted to use them all so I needed a way to shorten the letter. I arrived at a second conceit which was I would write them as transformative haikus.  That way I could get as many as I wanted without taking too much time.

When I read this allowed the audience to guess the transformation- but here I can’t really do that so I’ll give them to you with titles the way I wrote them.



Regular Peterbilt

Uh Oh! Alien Invasion

Optimus Prime


Talented Hitter

So many illegal drugs

Big head homerun king


Fruit juice container

Trip to blue bin Valhalla

Now I’m a nice rug


Sands through the hourglass

With some heat, limestone and time

Sands through the hour me!

114th congress

I’m just a bill

Who’s that? Oh Mitch McConnell

Still just a bill


Hot wind off Africa

Late august Caribbean sea

Hot damn I’m cat 5


Cold naked bird

Egg dredge, flour wash, hot oil bath

MMMM great with waffles


5th time I’m bankrupt

Russia, Fox, and lotsa yelling

First orange president


Weird furry worm

Chillin’ in a sweet tree sack

Woohoo butterfly




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