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Sporadic» Blog Archive » Dear other 49 states, Vote Republican

Dear other 49 states, Vote Republican

I made a shocking decision this morning and I am encouraging everyone I know (out of state) to vote republican.

Of course I’m not advocating that you do that here.

I want everything here in California to get better, I want to keep personal and civil rights in place, I am hoping for a day when everyone is treated equally and people are not just interested in the rights of oil companies or banks. A time when no one, no matter how poor they are, gets quality health care. I don’t want some crazy lady who outsourced 15 k jobs from her own company to do that to us, but as for the rest of you… let’s do this thing!

Here’s my logic:

I heard an interview on the news this morning about how the “do-nothing administration hadn’t been able to tackle the enormous deficit or get us out of two wars or fix wall street or do anything about the oil spill in the gulf” and that’s why this person was voting republican. I actually heard the needle scrape off the record in my head. “What!!??” thinks I.

  • Doesn’t this guy realize that the previous administration got us in to two wars that ran up that deficit?
  • Doesn’t he realize that republicans actively advocate (even now) for less regulation on banks and big business (read: oil companies)
  • Isn’t that the very definition of stupidity? Doing the same thing twice and expecting different results?

Here we are at a landmark point in our nation’s history. We have a president who has good ideas and wants to put them into practice, but what we hear from the right is “We won’t work with this guy! We’re going to drag our feet and complain!” and most interestingly “Where’s your birth certificate!?” (it’s here)

Do you remember when you were in grade school and someone was being obstinate, stubborn and stupid? What did you say? “Let the baby have his bottle” So I say “vote republican!”

Then they’ll come in…screw everything back up…complain some more…point fingers at everyone but themselves…yell a bunch on Fox and Friends…and in two years we’ll be ready to re-elect the president.

Only like I said… don’t vote for Meg Whitman or any of these jackasses. (yes I get the irony) Because while I agree that we should let the republicans screw stuff up but good. I don’t want then to mess up stuff where I live.

Thank you and long live the tea party in every state but mine,


PS yes I know that I actually said the words “how much damage can a one term republican do?” back in 2000. Yes I know the answer to that it’s : Exactly one crapload. So…I’m ready to eat my words and go¬† back into the dark ages when my “elect a douche bag” plan backfires. If that does transpire I’ll categorically deny everything and go into hiding in a secret undisclosed location (read: Canada)

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One Response to “Dear other 49 states, Vote Republican”

  1. That guy at parties who always talks politics Says:

    Some say that that “anti-big government” republicans screw things up on purpose when they are in power. That way they can say “See? Government is the problem! Let’s downsize, cut programs, privatize, etc.”

    If so, they achieve that goal very well.

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