Uphill Battles

Back in the days when Dave was still trying to woo me, he agreed to go on a bunch of runs with me.  As it turns out, it was mostly about the wooing and not really because he likes running nearly as much as I do.  But, since he’s a good sport, he still indulges my love of running and has found a way to make it reasonably enjoyable for him and even more enjoyable for me.  We started doing destination runs on the weekend…6ish miles someplace interesting and scenic.  When we can, we also take Bucket with us, since he loves it and we love him more afterwards when he’s tuckered out back at the house.

I quickly learned that at some point during pretty much every run, I would either be trying to motivate Dave, being pulled along by Bucket, or even in some instances, egging on both of their tired butts through the hills of the bay area. And so came the inception of this blog…

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Hills instead of distance…again

Tonight was supposed to be our long training run before the SF Half Marathon since we didn’t get to do it this pastweekend.  I came straight home from work, ready to go, and realized that I was supposed to be at a group meeting for a class that I’m taking.  Whoops.  I called into the meeting and we got our project done, but it meant that we needed to cut our long run short due to our late start.

We decided to stay near-ish to our house and do our Glen Canyon Park loop.  This meant another short run with lots of hills, again. Wheee.

Looking back down at the first steep hill we climbed – I think this is the top of Mateo St.



We trekked along through more of the Glen Park neighborhood and made our way to the park.  It had been under construction for the past year or so and we were pleased when we got there to find out that most of the major construction is done and it looks really nice.  They put in new tennis courts and a new playground, including the death trap jungle gym.


Looks fun but also a tad dangerous, don’t you think?

Anyway…I do love this park.  It’s one of my favorite hidden gems in the city.  You’re literally in a canyon looking up at rock formations and the neighborhood sitting up above.IMG_4692


The problem with being down in the canyon…you eventually have to climb out of it.  Fortunately they’re redoing a bunch of the trails and putting in lovely stairs instead of the rock ridden dirt paths.


Stairs, stairs, and more stairs out of the park.

We went out a different way than we normally would, looking to add some distance to our run.

We weaved through Diamond Heights and the Castro, and eventually came upon more stairs.


We could have gone around them and cut up to a different street, but we’re troopers so up we went.  Also, there was another guy doing a stair workout and frankly, I would have felt guilty if we didn’t suck it up and do it too.  After all, we should have really run 8-9 miles and were only going to end up doing 5.IMG_4695


Tonight’s route:



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