Hello all,

Remember that bridge to the 21st century that president Clinton built? Well I have decided to go across it.

The sporadic, which you haven’t received in decades cause I haven’t written it in decades, is back. And guess what else? It’ll be in bloggity blog format!


So now you can add me to the list of blogs written by your friends, about stupid crap that happens during their boring, boring lives, that you don’t read. I am recommitted to this (yet again) and you can look forward to all your favorites:

1.)     Pointless lists!

2.)     Asterisk based footnotes!

3.)     Observational humor that I’ve stolen from standups!

4.)     Rants about people who requested to be unsubscribed!

5.)     Bad puns!

6.)     Worse puns!

7.)     Self deprecation on a Emo Phillips scale!

And so much more….