Theoretically this works

I have uploaded all sorts of new software and changed my web hosting from whatever the hell it was over to Linux, which I don’t fully understand. Hopefully at the end of all of this the Sporadic can move from 1996 email version to 2005 web based version. Fingers crossed.

2 Responses to “Theoretically this works”

  1. Bill Gates Says:

    Mr. Dave,

    I am appalled at your switching to Linux which is not a Microsoft platform.

    Bill Gates, your boss.

  2. admin Says:

    Dear Mr Gates,

    I am sincerely sorry. You’re right of course. I’m switching to which was conveniently laying around in the supply closet, but apparently retails for thousands of dollars. Thanks for the heads up and please tell Balmer that the advise he gave me about my golf swing is really working out!


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